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Friday, December 22

Review: Muslim Kids TV

    Guess what?!!! We’ve been using Muslim Kids TV and it is FANTASTIC! It  has helped us a loooooot since we began using it this year. SubhanAllah! The site offers our children:

   *positive inviting articles to read
   *clear vocal comprehension of
     Quran recitation practice
   *fun contests and cool games
  *and lots of educational videos  
      about Islamic values, everyday        
      lifestyles, and learning Arabic!

      This is the first time I’m not hassling through an Islamic site or other online video media trying to find something appropriate for my children. 

      Muslim Kids TV is Kid Safe verified, so I have no problems with unexpected videos, or inappropriate words. The most wonderful sound a parent can hear is the sound of happiness and laughter at the computer or tablet during technology time in homeschool. It really makes you feel like you’ve made a great choice for your little learners!- Or at least that’s how we feel!


So how exactly are we using it in our homeschool? 
Muslim Kids TV is playing an essential role in our daily homeschool planning. It provides an excellent way to shape our Quran lessons. The Recitation Buddy Keeps us on track of daily Quran recitation practice. (They also gave us the option to know our chilrdens daily activity on the site!)
However, because I’m a very hands on visual sister, I created a daily record sheet for our homeschool binder.

         Click here to get yours free!

   I also went ahead a made a themed connection sheet. It lists the different categories I plan on using for the weekly or monthly theme- videos to watch, articles, create and share activities, games connected to theme, printables to use, and contest to enter. It also has a little spot to remember items I would like to purchase from their online shop.

***Click here*** for the free Planning Sheet to help with your lessons in shaa Allah.                                         
    This site has been such a big help. Our seven year old has started consistently asking to get on Muslim Kids TV at times he could be playing with his toys! He would rather watch the shows they have! (Baba Ali, Maruf and Maryam, etc.
    Its given way to a more peaceful
transition time between lessons, and assists even our thirteen and seventeen year olds when their babysitting. 

      Here’s what our kids had to say:

                      oThe Videoso

“What do you think about the videos on Muslim Kids TV?”
Our 7 Year old:I love them! I want to watch it everyday In shaa Allah! Can I watch it now?”

oThe Gameso

 “What do you think about the games on Muslim Kids TV?”
Our 9 year old: “I think they are

 amaaaaazing! They're fun and educational!

 Their good for muslims. For kids like me! 
Iike them!”


Our 17 year old on how he benefits from using the recitation and article categories:
“It’s a really good website. It’s good because the kids can repeat after it and it’s easy for them to follow. It helps keep my brothers and sister preoccupied in a focused and enjoyable way. They don’t want anything else. And I don’t have a problem giving it to them.”

oPrintables/Create and Shareo

Our 13 year old on the printables and create and share categories:
“The printable and activities are a nice option. Easy go to option when it’s my turn to babysit and I need an activity for them to do!”

                  So Is It Worth It?

My husband says:
 “I love the way the games engage the kids. None of the games are dull like I’ve seen on other websites. I feel safe with them playing on Muslim Kids TV. It’s the number one choice to me.”

I personally feel extremely positive about this fantastic website! All the videos are Islamically friendly! It’s the type of site that even public and private schools could feel great about using! If you’re a government teacher I totally recommend this for your classroom! And if you’re a homeschooler, it is exactly what you have been looking for! They even have an app! How convenient is that!
         Want to try it out yourself? 

      Click here *** ***

   In shaa Allah you and your family will enjoy Muslim Kids Tv as much as ours does! Tell us about how you use it in the comments section below!!! 

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